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Palace Qiuer

Palace Qiuer just returned Fuchu, we heard the steward to report, could be back at the house of Zhuangzhu Ming. Good! Come on, come back, the girl can not wait will be you. Palace Qiuer light Huileyiju know, they return to their yard. All along, she married not sure how he is here, and open the wardrobe and looked on the inside of the two black password box, if not the existence of these two things, she really thought he was ancient. "Mistress, coming back tomorrow suzerain." Linger in the side of the happy reminder. "Linger, how I get married here? Wedding day you can talk up the situation to me?" Palace Qiuer sit together holding hands Linger round table. "Mistress, are you okay?" Linger anxious to explore the Palace Qiuer hand on the forehead.

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"Nothing, just remember some things, so just ask you, do I look like something the people?" Palace Qiuer to Linger a comforting smile. "Mistress, in fact, what we also know that you are not too much, just know that you are a minister's daughter Sky Dynasty, the emperor in person when the gift toward marriage too!" "Really?" No wonder the woman in the town's people are so afraid of her, was originally given over marriage, wore the title, who shall stir her! But she was sure that she is definitely not that what Minister's daughter, her hundred per cent sure! But she appears here, how was it all about? "That's suzerain What is it?" "Ordinary business." Linger said it himself to know. "Ordinary business? How ordinary businessmen have so much power, so that when the emperor himself thanks to marriage." Palace Qiuer whisper whisper. "Mistress, how did you it? Do not you even remember who he is not it?" Worrying Linger asked. "OK, let me talk about the situation wedding day." Palace Qiuer to doubt the pharynx to the heart, dormant day. "Suzerain hooked before the first card Yihong Yuan Lin water ice, and then, almost no back Shonai to stay Yihong, Yihong Yuan in the decree is sent, and later told that landlords also helped redeem lotus water ice the body, but water ice Lotus House is not married into the hospital, one person alone to the far north, suzerain so desperate to recover the past. "Linger we passed around to finishing it again, all told the House Autumn children.
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Do not worry

"Do not worry, the wind was Xiushuyifeng suzerain, large and small matters, being that I care, and Laner has been expelled from the House of the person, not a suzerain's wife, and this point you can be assured . "Palace Qiuer finish, will sell their bodies pushed to pimp redemption. "Phoenix mother, now do everything from the idea that bitch is not suzerain mean, you have to dare to take it, to come back when the suzerain, will be spent building your million demolished it!" Laner Palace to see the threat Qiuer failed, turned to pimps loud threats. "Well, always bitch, bitch, and forbearance you long time! Suzerain care if you have your heart will be chasing a woman chasing the extreme north of the land? Xiatang woman you already are, and are still here fantastic! Naive ! "Palace Qiuer sneer no longer Laner. "Madame, that what matters more than you have to be magnanimous point, this time my mother I see your face, but."

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"Of course." Palace Qiuer got up, looked at the side of face, such as ashes of Laner, satisfied to leave. "Mistress, you do not fear suzerain back angry?" "Angry, how dare he? Me so" virtuous ", he has not the qualifications." Palace Qiuer Subaru head held high, or to obscure, or to reputation, which is her usual style. Palace Qiuer behind, there a black and white two, showing a white man, do mouth smile. "Lord!" "Notice go back to the government tomorrow." "Lord?" Shaw looked at the night away in a white figure, and then looked up at the sky, day or piece of days, no change ah? He also thought that this day of transformation over the head of it, should the situation to what happened yet? Fuchu must have deserted the time. But how God so calm? When he can tolerate to the point where a person? Other plans, or God? Male and female formal meeting tomorrow, what will be clashes spark it? Introduction into the exciting addition to the content, there are more exciting battle to the future life of male and female, will be great changes. Support for the pro purple pity, please, click Favorites, so easy to get to know the update purple pity, if nothing changes, one more day to keep the occasional outbreak of purple pity about the small universe to two more. Pro, messages, and PP fly as ruthless pity it purple, purple pity to see that pro-drop message feel grateful.
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Dare to ask his wife

"Dare to ask his wife, so early to me, what things?" Pimps come to know the identity, suddenly to the spirit, this deity, can not offend ah! Recent ups and downs of the city downtown, look the east, who have the skill! The newly married wife of the wind suzerain but I do not know no one in the east, known to everybody. When the hot airflow suzerain met his wife, I do not know that there will be more hot scenes. Unfortunately, not see it out of play, the wind suzerain heart beauty, land of ice and snow catch the far north, poor Ruhuasiyu beauty of this wedding night, jealously guarding Konggui. "Be pen business." Calmly went to a brothel house Qiuer central bench, the flamboyant to sit down. "Quick, to the lady on the tea, the tea is the best to get up." Pimps looked at the side of his face ashes of Laner, the situation already guessed all likelihood, eight offended the deity of this Laner - "Lord, well, that woman with four rooms in which his wife went to mighty Lanfu million people took the mortgage!" Black man quickly rushed into the room. "See!" White man with the brain quickly emerge out of a pair of crystal clear eyes of the beautiful face, put down the book, flying into the sky, this woman, his head is what to do!

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"Lord!" Black men, followed by God these days is how? Old said he lost control as he is not out of control, has been to hide their Lord, even a rare showing of his true self. As long as people know the east, Lord brothel woman went to recover the far north, if there is building in the million flowers, be recognized, the consequences would be unthinkable! So God's plan will be completely disrupted, this is terrible! - "Dare to ask his wife, mother and I want to do business?" Pimps tentative asked. "Mom Laner girl how? Than before, is the more brilliant the light?" Palace Qiuer indicate pimp, watch the people eyeing Laner's body. "Madame, is what purpose?" "This is a blue girl prostitute redeemed, as long as you nodded, and she is your only line out of a paper money." "One penny?!" Pimps and people like gasped. "You shameless bitch, suzerain back will break you!" Laner Palace Qiuer heard a penny to sell her, and almost mad in the past. "Off to rest, afraid ah!" Added the Palace Qiuer in the heart, is also the girl to break off him. "How? Pimp, you either do not agree, I will sell to other people." Palace Qiuer she can not spare that much time consuming here, there are a lot of things she did not do it.
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Palace Qiuer opened his eyes

Palace Qiuer opened his eyes, he went up to Linger worried look, this girl, how it? "What happened?" "Back to her mistress, Lady in the doorway waiting four yet, and menacing." Linger finished, his wife will kick off four break. "How? Want to rebel that?" Palace Qiuer got up, looked at anger continued to fly the four. "Mistress, you do not have the power to kill us as a concubine as those." Lanfu people talking, clenched fingers, knuckles whitening. "Now, the most powerful that I, an appeal against it? Jealous?" Palace Qiuer to Lanfu people. "I killed you jealous of this wicked woman." Lanfu suddenly laid hold like crazy house Qiuer clothes, ladies panic, will house Qiuer pull back. "Linger, go get housekeeper came." Palace Qiuer looked at his tattered clothes, big morning, these women to bother her, it seems today to let them to experience their amazing! "You shameless shameless woman, if I get married when they were abandoned by her husband, I'd rather self a break, not like you so shamelessly to live, I really take myself as a master!" Lan Fu Gong Qiuer people ignore shouting, sitting calmly comb stage, finishing with their appearance, such as stewardship, and asked her to look good. Today, she set an example, that dead man Merry happy, she did not make him better, just these women love nothing good, otherwise, she did not want for them. "See the mistress."

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"Butler to the just, to take over." Palace steward Qiuer see him ask for things on the inside, a loss of four per person. "Yes, mistress." "Lanfu people, see not, this is your prostitute redeemed, when told that landlords will you bring back from the million spent building, you can not give it to destruction, so you collide with me today, you say, I have no power to you back to your original place? "Palace Qiuer to sell their bodies in front of redemption in the Lan Fu Yang Liaoyang. "How dare you!" Lanfu loudly against the people, but obviously its limitations. "We dare not, you try not to know." "Come! The blue girl me tight spots, such as washing the hair of her mistress finished floor to go in person to the million flowers!" Not loud, do not anger the prestige, scared the she did not dare to sound the three . Lan Fu, against an angry teeth, and she took to the floor to see million dare close her! Original noisy streets, this time more of the noise, regardless of wherever he went people talking Palace Qiuer the noise. Million spent went straight to the floor, when the Blue House, one of the best flower girl, but the Green million groom, which under the exuberant. Million spent building, this time not for business, but the arrival of the Palace Qiuer, look crowded. "This is?" Million spent building pimp amused eyes, this beautiful lady she can be seen, but behind her Laner, she was clear enough. "The government is headed mistress wind." Linger time became the spokesman for House Qiuer.
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Palace Qiuer said a long time

"OMG, Ghosts! I did not do anything small house Qiuer good conscience, how to find on me, I walk, be careful of ants on the ground, drive carefully on the pedestrian crossing, so good people simply became extinct, how will Ghost spotted me ,¥·!*- ... ..., ¥ · - ... ... "(after much ado, the author's own action is omitted, the parents themselves have to play their own imagination) Palace Qiuer said a long time, found himself still standing on top of a rockery, OMG! How to get down ah! Where to go run Linger damn it! Suddenly behind an breeze, Palace Qiuer suddenly turned, a white figure to stand in their own eyes. "Gui Ya!" Palace Qiuer a center of gravity, to the back to go, straight from the two men fell off how high the rockery. Eat her pain, a sudden get up again, lying on the grass. White figure fell from the sky, posture, such as a feather landing light. Silver mask, the sharp eyes fell to the ground stay in the house Qiuer body. "Wow, the original is the people, ah!" Gong Qiu Er Ling bounced a shock, refused to take possession of the pain, studying this mysterious man. Run black hair, like the best silk, the long beam in the back of the head, not the least bit messy, the silver mask, in the night, exudes a light spell to lure the people do not consciously want to go off piece of the mask, check it out, so Dixian temperament, looks definitely not inferior to, but not how this guy look good. "Handsome guy, hello." Palace Qiuer awkward to get up on the eyes after like magic in general, so she did not want to remove the eyes, forget the pain of the body, animal in nature stared at the man.

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"Tomorrow, out of here!" The man finished, tap toe, flying away. "Cool! Handsome!" Palace Qiuer praise animal in nature. "Hey, handsome, and often play ah!" Palace Qiuer watched the Nama tune out the white, shining eyes, this man is really human Need! Counterfeit "virtuous" wife, Chapter V: sold into brothels After a long time, Gong Qiuer recovered, just guy say? Leave here tomorrow! Why listen to him, Who was ah! "Mistress, mistress, where are you ah!" Distant cries of anxious Linger. "Here!" Palace Qiuer snappily answered one, little one move, the body's pain came, to remember their fallen victims is so high rockery man, oh! What is remarkable handsome! Palace Qiuer comfortable bubble took a shower and watched him many bruises, so painful, so painful, all count on the man head, oh! If you do not do as he says, to leave tomorrow, then he certainly will again, be sure to find him afterwards! Day before dawn, his wife of four after receiving the notice, they opt for the poly house in the palace courtyard Qiuer, too far, even the idea to hit their heads out of four. This seems to give a little masters played rough with her mistress, or really think they are bullied by.
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One plus stand out willow

One plus stand out willow, hand holding the sword fiercely, they should be do not want to make good the side forces of the two! Thought would come out when his accident, however, failed to send troops that move relative to care, Prince! This princess had just experienced a suicide, but also emerge a group of robbers! This fear is being sent to the pro ranks no small blow to the current form of it, this circle of people are certain death! Each shot on the sword, are enough to die on eight of ten times! "Princesses left! Original way back to the others!" The lead is a thin thirties, talking in the air full of the majesty of nature itself an own! Liu smiled a plus: "I do not know what purpose Xiongtai to the princess? She is sent over the country phoenix tribute too!"

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"Enough talk, if you do not obey! Shui Yebie want to leave alive!" Thin face covered with a black cloth article, slender naked and fiercely flashing eyes! Jian Liu a plus according to the hand and then use a little strength, although they knew recklessly can only be a dead end, but he never to surrender! Would rather die on the battlefield is not the perfunctory! Am frightened horses and began the rampage, sent by parents who are not live, those who bow archers took full at any time outgoing! Thin slender eyes turn a few laps, hands raised high, as long as a fall, who will become a hedgehog! Summer small to have been sleeping sit safely, only the horse of a frightened, she had a good sleep all gone, blue heart that face the danger, the wearer of the curtain pulling the carriage, with a body block at the curtain, Thus, even if there are arrows into the carriage, the moment has shot less than the body of the Princess! Rubbed his eyes, slowly waking small summer over, looked at his face to die like blue heart, to understand a bit, it seems the princess and the pro-really easy! First, she committed suicide, and now to come to the homicide! Really difficult ah! However, see the blue heart that maintain their own masters, and my heart is still some warmth in! Woke up to see the princess, blue heart kept busy shaking his head, indicating she will not speak! And with the mouth to tell her: "robbers out there!" Get up after the summer small pat on the shoulder blue heart: "blue heart! You've worked hard! Write you a success! To make it!" Blue heart and a look of anxious, desperately shaking his head: "Princess! They want to take you! You do not sound ah!" Princess but she grew up from childhood had each other! Although the Princess has always been taciturn man, indifferent to the human cold, but she was never bullied servant, nor to anyone angry! Blue heart of an orphan, was sold to a brothel, is just passing the summer to buy the small of her back Fuchu! So, she has been regarded as the next of kin princess! Summer is also some small blue heart shook urgent: "girl! Will let you open, I have to do ah get down to business!" Heard a voice inside the car, thin hand fell down, he knew one plus willow, is a hard-Khan son, if you do not step on his body from the past, never expect to be taken away Princesses! So, had to lament heard it! At this point, the summer has pushed small blue heart, hand opened the curtains! Thin summer down to see the face of a probe out of hand would fall down! "Throw the ... ..." the order! Liu and all the guards, one plus swords are out!

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